3 Great Car Choices for Your High School Graduate

car guide for high school graduation gift

High school graduation is right around the corner. Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your grad? If so, get them the ultimate graduation gift to head off to college, a new car. This guide to the best car for your high school grad will give you plenty of options your graduate will love.

When it comes to vehicle shopping for someone who is 18 and fresh out of high school, there are a few things you will want to keep in mind (for both them and you), affordability, fuel economy, technology, and warranty. With that being said, that is why we chose the following vehicles.

Chevy Spark

Talk about affordability, the Chevy Spark’s pricing begins at just $13,000 and it includes two years of scheduled maintenance in addition to its 3-year/ 36,000-mile basic warranty and five-year/ 60,000-mile powertrain warranty.

When it comes to safety and entertainment technology, your graduate will never be bored, but will always be safe. It is a win-win situation for both of you. Safety technology including OnStar basic plan for five years, a rear vision camera, traction control, and StabiliTrak stability control system with brake assist all come standard. Entertainment technology including a four-speaker audio system, bluetooth phone connection, and the Chevy MyLink system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto all come standard.

The engine in the Chevy Spark is a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine. The engine pumps out 98 horsepower and 94 lb-ft of torque. The best part of the engine is it’s impressive fuel economy. The engine gets the Spark and EPA estimated 30 city and 38 highway mpg. [click to continue…]


The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is Excellent for a College Student – Yes, Really

chrysler pacifica hybrid

Is your high school graduate headed off to college this summer or fall? If so, send them off knowing they are safe and happy with a new vehicle. The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid is brand new and is the perfect vehicle for a college student. Just because it is van doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Chrysler has already broken that stigma this year. Still not sure? Read on!

Chances are your college student is like many other millennials and values fuel efficient vehicles. The Pacifica Hybrid has a 3.6-liter V6 engine and nine-speed automatic transmission paired with dual electric motors and a 16 kilowatt-hour battery. This combination allows for a total range of up to 566 miles, fully electric range of 34 miles, and EPA estimated 84 MPGe (miles per gallon equivalent).

There is no question that your college student likes to have as much tech as possible in their vehicle. That is why the Chrysler Pacifica is loaded up with the latest tech. The van comes standard with plenty of entertainment technology, but also has plenty of additional options. The Pacifica comes standard with a six-speaker audio system, Bluetooth streaming, and a 5-inch touchscreen with the UConnect 5.0 system. In addition features like a 20-speaker system, UConnect 8.4 with the 8.4-inch touchscreen, HD radio, and SiriusXM radio are available upgrades. [click to continue…]


Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Mom (Think Commute and Car)

mother's day gift ideas

Mother’s Day is coming up, do you have a gift for Mom yet? Sometimes picking out a gift for Mother’s Day can be tricky, but if your mom has a daily commute that she dreads, there are some really great things you can get her and she’ll be able to use them all year.

Heat Protection

Steering wheel, seat and sunshade covers are great Mother’s Day gifts since summer is around the corner! These accessories help keep a car cool even in the heat of summer and there are tons of different patterns, styles and materials. No one wants to burn themselves on the steering wheel or seats.

Audio Books

If your mom has a daily commute that is longer than 20 minutes each way, consider purchasing her an audiobook or a monthly subscription to an audiobook app like Audible. There are hundreds of thousands of books ranging from fiction to non-fiction to motivational to humor and listening to a good book does wonders to pass the time sitting in traffic.

Not Your Ordinary Air Freshener

If your mom is adamant about having an nice smelling car, spending some extra money to buy her a long lasting air freshener in a nice fragrance could be a great gift for Mom. If she’s into candles, you could see what types of scented candles she buys to get a better idea of what scent to pick out.

Help Her Organize

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Chrysler Pacifica’s Stow ‘n Go Seating is Convenient for Campers

Chrysler Pacifica stow 'n go seating

The Stow ‘n Go storage management system in the Chrysler Pacifica can be used for more than just cargo. Check out the ways below to use the Pacifica’s Stow ‘n Go seating and fall even more in love with the van.

Makeshift Bed

Yes, of course the van has plenty of room to pack camping gear, but what about turning the van into a camper? The second- and third-row seats in the Pacifica can easily be folded flat into built-in floor storage compartments and that creates a massive space for at least two people to sleep in the back of the van. Whether you want to pad the floor space with a small air mattress or a few blankets that rear space could be a great alternative to sleeping on the ground in a tent. [click to continue…]


“Waymo” News About Chrysler Pacifica and Pacifica Hybrid


FCA Delivers more Chrysler Pacifica Hybrids to Waymo

In the last few weeks, there has been “waymo” news about the Chrysler Pacifica and while that is a pun on one piece of the news, there really has been a lot of news.

First, Chrysler is producing “waymo” (last time we use it) Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid’s for Google’s company, Waymo. Starting next month Chrysler will begin production on another 500 models, bringing the number of Pacifica Hybrid models Waymo has is 600 models. Once Waymo receives the models, they will begin outfitting them with tech to make that makes the Pacifica Hybrid a self-driving PHEV minivan.

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Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Arriving at Miami Lakes Chrysler Soon!

Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid at Miami Lakes Automall

If you have been waiting for the first hybrid minivan, the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid, to hit the dealerships, you will be happy to hear this news. Chrysler started shipping their fleet of hybrids vans to dealerships on Monday April 17, so we should be receiving our first Pacifica Hybrids any day now. Until then, learn more about it!

  • 16 kWh battery paired with dual electric motors and a 3.6-liter Pentastar V6 engine. The battery has enough capacity to power the Pacifica Hybrid for 33 miles on pure electricity and when the battery and engine work together in hybrid mode, the minivan averages 84 MPGe.
  • Though many people think of hybrids as “less powerful,” that’s really just a misconception and the Pacifica Hybrid produces 260 horsepower and 287 lb-ft of torque.
  • Charging time: 2 hours for a full charge with the 240-volt charger and 14 hours for a full charge with the 120-volt charger.

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Is Your Band Booking Shows? Chrysler + Dodge Minivans Will Get You There

carrying band equipment

Minivans may have the soccer mom reputation, but they are actually fairly popular among bands, too. To quote the movie Step Brothers, with Stow n’ Go seating and storage system in both the Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Pacifica there is “so much more room for activities!” A band doesn’t need an expensive truck to get their band members and all of their instruments to the next show, the 7-8 passenger seating and Stow ‘n Go seating and storage system in the Grand Caravan and Pacifica offers plenty of room.

Instrument Size

We will get to how much cargo space the Pacifica and Grand Caravan have, but before that here is a quick look at the average size of popular instruments.  

  • Full-size acoustic guitar: 40 inches long
  • Full size bass guitar: 30-34 inches long
  • Basic drum set: 10-inch and 12-inch toms, 14-inch floor tom, 22-inch bass drum 14-inch snare drum, 12-13-inch hi hat cymbal and 15-18-inch crash cymbal. Cymbals each have adjustable stands which can be a couple feet when dismantled.

Van Space

Now that you know the basics when it comes to instrument size, let’s talk van space. Both the Chrysler Pacifica and the Dodge Grand Caravan have three rows of seating. The Dodge Grand Caravan has a seven-passenger seating configuration and the Chrysler Pacifica is available with a seven- or eight-passenger seating configuration.

Additionally, both The Chrysler Pacifica and Dodge Grand Caravan are equipped with the Stow ‘n Go seating storage system, which comes with extra storage space in the floor, either for seats or anything else. [click to continue…]


Unforgettable Vehicles from the Walter P. Chrysler Museum

cars fromt he Chrysler museum

So many awesome cars have had a home at the Walter P. Chrysler museum over the past 18 years, but unfortunately all good things must come to an end. The Walter P. Chrysler museum is officially closed and the building is being turned into office space. The museum was home to over 60 classics and its displays and collection of cars covered 50,000 square feet. In honor of the awesome museum and the vehicles it held, here are some of our favorites.

1943 Willys-Overland Jeep MB

This one of our favorites because it shows the history and evolution of Jeep. Before the Wrangler name, the vehicle was known as Willys-Overland Jeep MB. This vehicle was produced purely for military use from 941-1945. After that, the production of the civilian Jeep (Jeep CJ) was produced and it paved the way to the Wrangler as we know it today. The particular Willys Jeep in the museum had a 2.2-liter Willys Go Devil 1-4 engine that produced 60 horsepower and 105 horsepower.

Dodge Power Wagon

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The Chrysler 300 – Luxurious, Yet Affordable

Chrysler 300 at Miami Lakes Chrysler

Want a luxury car without paying a luxury price? The Chrysler 300 is for you. The 2017 Chrysler 300 comes standard with features that many luxury vehicles don’t have and for a fraction of the price. Sure, we all know names like Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW, and while cars made by those brands are nice, they are also very expensive.  So wouldn’t you rather buy a vehicle that is as nice as those, but at a more affordable price?

Luxury features of the Chrysler 300:

  • Standard 3.6-liter V6 24-valve engine with VVT technology with a standard 8-speed automatic transmission, which produces 300 horsepower and 264 lb-ft of torque. There is also an optional 5.7-liter V8 engine with the same transmission that produces 363 horsepower and 394 lb-ft of torque.

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Do You Know What To Do If You Are In a Car Sinking in Water?

what to do in a sinking car

No one wants to imagine being in a sinking car. The thought of this is terrifying. However, accidents happen, and in the event this happens to you, you’ll want to know how to save your life. We are here to help and inform! Check out our detailed guide and you will be prepared no matter what.

Your best chance of survival in a drowning car is to get out before it is completely submerged in water. This means, you have maybe a minute at the most to safely evacuate the vehicle. Here is how:

  • Take seat belt off and put windows down within seconds of hitting the water.
  • Swim out of the front or back windows if they can open.
  • If window won’t go down, the only other way to break the window is to have a window breaking device. You don’t need to be strong to open the window with the device. Again, do it quickly.
  • Do NOT try to open the door. You will not be able to because of the pressure on the door and you are only wasting time and energy.

Sinking car facts

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