What Vehicle Should Be Your Teen Drivers First?


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The holidays are coming up and now is when many parents may want to start planning ahead for their teenager to get a car of their own. Whether that vehicle is new or pre-owned is a decision, but we hope to make that choice easier. Among many other choices, parents will have to make sure they provide a safe vehicle for their teenager that’s also fun and modern. Let’s go over some of our very own considerations a parent should make with any new driver as well as research conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

Buying New or Pre-Owned?

Without a doubt, this is the hardest choice. Many parents will want to supply their kids with only the best, but giving the keys to a new car while the parents drive an older vehicle should hardly seem fair. Consider buying a new vehicle for yourself as a hard-working parent and handing over the older vehicle to your new driver. Helping them with any remaining payments and allowing them to work towards paying it off will allow them to learn what it means to have to earn things aka parenting 101. After all, this way everybody wins!

The likelihood of a teen driver getting into an accident is almost impossible to avoid, and if the current vehicle a parent is driving is suitable for them, surely it should be safe enough and less expensive to repair if the vehicle is damaged. At Miami Lakes Automall, we can help supply the parents with a new vehicle to replace the hand-me-down and matches their preferences and accommodates their respective needs. Of course, there’s the other argument – what if my teenager’s pre-owned vehicle breaks down? It’s more likely they will get into a fender-bender than their vehicle will just suddenly break down.

Pros of Buying A New Vehicle For A Teenager

Texting and driving will almost certainly happen once a teen driver is on the road alone, so a modern vehicle might make sense. Today’s features include hands-free phone use with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, whereas a used vehicle might not carry the modern technology that could help lower a parent’s heart rate. Being able to know that their teen will be able to use the latest tech and not be a distracted driver, as well as make them safer with the latest safety technology, is good for a parent’s health. Lane-Change Assist and Lane-Keep Assist technology have become standard in many vehicles over the past several years, which is perfect for new drivers who might not be comfortable driving on highways or on unfamiliar roads. There’s no argument against parents wanting the best for their deserving child, except for when it comes to the IIHS and practical research that argues for getting an older and larger vehicle.

Why You Should Buy A Pre-Owned Vehicle For Your New Driver

Smaller new vehicles might cost less but do not provide the best results for new drivers. Among the car list made by the IIHS for teen drivers, midsize cars or larger vehicles that cost $10,000 or less are on the list. The IIHS evaluates passenger vehicles of all sizes for their TOP SAFETY PICK awards, and the larger the vehicle, the greater the protection it can offer.

“Teen drivers are at greater risk, due to immaturity and inexperience behind the wheel.If you’re riding in one of the smallest vehicles on the road, you’ll be at a disadvantage in a crash with almost any other vehicle around you. ” says Jessica Cicchino, IIHS Vice President for Research.

We recommend coming in for a test-drive of our latest Chevrolet vehicles like a 2019 Chevrolet Cruze, fuel efficient and spacious. A new Chevrolet Malibu is another option for the perfect starter vehicle for a teenage driver, which we’ll be happy to show off.

Start Your Search For Your Teenager at Miami Lakes Automall

Our professional staff will help with any buying, selling or leasing options to help you drive away with the vehicle you’ve always wanted. Our sales staff help go over any of the questions you have before you make your choice. For your teenage driver, we have a whole lineup of new vehicles and high-quality pre-owned vehicles that are second to none at Miami Lakes Automall.

For those looking for a tune-up, repair or any work done on their current vehicle. Our knowledgeable service team is here to help seven days a week, including Sundays from 9 am to 3 pm. With a simple service appointment, we can get started on ensuring your vehicle is serviced in a timely fashion. Come to Miami Lakes Automall, located at 16600 NW 57th Ave in Miami Lakes, Florida today!

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