Chevy Commercial Stirs Things Up With DJ Shadow Track

Dj-Shadow-Chevy Dealership

Chevy is gearing up for an epic Black Friday sale that consumers have been waiting for all year. If you’ve been planning on purchasing a new vehicle at your local Chevy dealership, it’s time.

With huge benefits for buyers in place, Chevy models are likely to move off the lot quickly during this sale. To spread the word, Chevy aired a new commercial just last week and caught the attention of many viewers.

Not only were fans checking out the brand’s latest models, but the ad also perked the ears of hip-hop lovers around the country.

Going for an edgier feel to emphasize their prowess in diverse segments, Chevy called on the renowned DJ Shadow for the perfect soundtrack.

DJ Shadow, whose original name is Josh Davis, is well known in the music world for his outstanding sampling skills and his ability to transform pieces of multiple tracks into inventive new arrangements.

Some of his hardcore fans were surprised to find his song, “Building Steam With a Grain of Salt,” paired with Chevy’s lineup. However, the combination seems absolutely fitting.

DJ Shadow is known for consistently pushing the boundaries to bring new and engaging work to his listeners. And Chevy has an outstanding track record of always be on the cutting edge.

That’s why they’re the most awarded car company of the year. They’re setting the pace for the future and showing consumers what’s possible when it comes to vehicle design and engineering.

The brand’s Black Friday sale is going to spread some serious holiday season cheer. Shoppers will be able to choose from Chevy’s top 2014 and 2015 models.

Eligible buyers can get zero percent APR and $1,000 purchase bonus cash. And now here’s one of the most exciting perks: no monthly payments until next year!

Take care of all your holiday spending without having to worry about a car payment. Enjoy your new ride as you ring in the new year.

So whether you’ve had your eyes on a snappy Sonic, a racy Camaro, or a hardworking Silverado, Black Friday is your opportunity to get behind the driver’s wheel for even less than usual.

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