chevy bolt in Miami

Chevy Bolt Beats out the Tesla Model S 75D in a Range Test

chevy bolt in Miami

Some people think Tesla is “better” than Chevy, but that’s not really a correct assumption. The Chevy Bolt EV is an affordable (starting MSRP around $37,000) electric vehicle (EV) introduced in 2017 and fairly recently, the Bolt took on the Tesla Model S 75D, which is a luxury (starting MSRP around $75,000) EV introduced in 2012. To many people’s surprise, the Bolt EV outran the Tesla Model 75D by 15 miles in a range test performed by Consumer Reports.

The test Consumer Reports conducted was fair and it tested both cars in everyday driving scenarios including highway and city driving and with the A/C systems turned off. The Chevy Bolt EV was able to go 250 miles before its battery completely died, which is more than its EPA range estimate of 238 miles. The battery on the Tesla Model S 75D died at 235 miles, which is 19 miles less than its EPA range estimate of 259 miles.

So … not only did the Bolt EV outperform the Tesla Model S 75D, but it is nearly half the price, too!

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Photo source: Electrek