Chevrolet Stacks A Silverado and Traverse On A Baseball Stadium

General Motors’ home base is in Detroit and there’s plenty of hometown pride to be spread. The Detroit Tigers, with the help of Chevrolet, have announced the official start of the 2019 baseball season with the installation of a Chevrolet Traverse SUV and a Silverado 1500 LT Trail Boss atop the center field at Comerica Park. It’s a 10-year tradition officially named “Chevy Fountain,” that has GM vehicles parked explicitly in this location.

These two vehicles are replacing the 2018 Traverse High Country and Colorado ZR2 pickup that called the outfield fountain home for Detroit’s 81 home games last season. But it’s different every season.

A crane was able to lift the combined weight of both vehicles, which was over 8,400 pounds of sheet metal over the center field so that everyone in attendance can easily see two of the automaker’s newest vehicles. There was a last minute change in having to swap vehicles, but everything went well. After all, it’s all about baseball, hot dogs, home runs and Chevrolet.  

The decade-old tradition allows the residents of Detroit to celebrate Chevy’s connection to baseball; it’s also a sign that Opening Day is almost upon them. So what do the new vehicles represent? The all-new Silverado and Blazer represent personality, innovation, and endurance.


The Equinox features a 170-horsepower, turbocharged four-cylinder base engine. The other two available engines are a 252-horsepower turbo-four and a 137-horsepower turbodiesel. The base engine is certainly adequate for day-to-day errands but the 252 hp feels noticeably more energetic or if some towing power is required.    

There are five options to choose from on the Silverado powertrain: there is the 285-horsepower V6 base engine, a 310-horsepower turbocharged four-cylinder, 355-horsepower, and 420-horsepower V8s, and a 3.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder.

Detroit has been in the middle of a significant comeback. Not too long ago, the downtown area had too many abandoned and old warehouses and a rundown look and feel. It wasn’t something nice to look at, but today, things are looking very different.

Those old warehouses are now home to hip loft apartments, art galleries, and restaurants. Detroit and Chevrolet go back over a century. The Detroit Tigers have been playing in Comerica Park since 2000.  

Back in 2011, Chevrolet financed the refurbishment of a baseball complex in Detroit. Chevrolet helped fix-up part of the Jayne Field youth baseball complex, an 11-field park near “the corner” of Conant and East Davison streets. The Chevrolet Advertising Promotion Director, Kevin Mayer, said they were delighted to have the opportunity to do the same work right there in their hometown of Detroit.

However, this opportunity wasn’t Chevy’s first preference. The city rejected an offer by the GM brand to fix the baseball diamond at the former Tiger Stadium site for use by youth ballplayers. The Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) rejected the proposal from Chevy to have volunteers maintain the historical field because the city wanted a significant redevelopment project there instead.  

In a letter to the organizers, the organization explained why they rejected a $65.3 million redevelopment mixed-use proposal for the 9.4-acre site, stating the significant concerns about the overall financial feasibility. Chevrolet supports the City of Detroit and Detroit Economic Growth Corporation 100 percent. They were behind their revitalization efforts of the former Tiger Stadium location.  

They were already rebuilding another facility for youth baseball in Detroit. Tiger Stadium was the home of the Detroit Tigers until the team moved to Comerica Park in April 2000. The city completed demolition on the Tiger Stadium in 2009 and 2011 rejected a promising conservancy-backed proposal for “The Corner Development.”

The DEGC called the redevelopment a “better alternative to creating a youth baseball field at the site of the former Tiger Stadium.” Think Detroit PAL, a non-profit organization for children athletes in Detroit, operates the most extensive youth baseball program in the city. In 2010, 1,400 young people played on almost 100 teams in PAL baseball leagues, according to organization’s interim CEO, Tim Richey.    

“Chevrolet and the Detroit Tigers are two of the Motor City’s most iconic brands, and we’re honored to be celebrating the 10-year mark of this great tradition,” said Chris Granger, Group President of Sports and Entertainment, IIitch Holdings Inc. “Chevy continues to be great partners, not only to the Tigers but with all of us in the Major League Baseball family.”

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